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CB-MultiTool Toolbox: Multi Item Manager and Security for ClickBank Users

An Easy Solution to Manage Multiple
ClickBank™ Products With A Single
ClickBank™ Account(Plus Affiliate Blocking)

STOP: This is NOT the same ClickBank Redirection script you may have seen elsewhere. This software package does not come with Resale Rights because we do not have to give it away to get rid of it. This is a new tool with unique features not found in any other product and this multi-item manager is NOT sold at any other site.


Finally, A Tool For ClickBank That stuffs your pockets and the pockets of your affiliates.

ClickBank allows you to sell up to 50 items from one account but there is one big problem: You can only send affiliates to a single webpage.

For example, if you want to promote 3 products with affiliate partners, then you have to create 3 ClickBank accounts, one for each product and provide affiliate links individually. You also have to pay $50 to create each of those ClickBank accounts and it can take 2-3 days or even a week before each is manually activated by ClickBank.

Wouldn't it be great if you could send affiliates to a different page for each of your 50 products and have those individual products up and running in seconds? Now you can.

The CB-Toolbox includes a number of important tools that you can use as both an affiliate and a seller.

The first tool is the CB MultiTool. This is an easy to use Multi Product Redirection utility.

Simply stated, with one ClickBank account, you can send affiliates to specific product pages.

But wait, it does a lot more than just that.

CB-MultiTool has New features NOT found on any other software package:

  • No programming knowledge needed and no scripts to edit.
  • Send affiliate links to specific product pages instead of your one main page
  • Redirect Super Affiliates to custom sales pages with discounts, bonuses, or special offers
  • Block dishonest or spam affiliates
  • Block specific affiliates from receiving commissions
  • Redirect affiliates offering an old product to a new product even at a new website
  • Update links anytime without requiring any changes by affiliates
  • Cloak your own affiliate links
  • Creates a pre-made affiliate.htm page listing all of your product specific pages and the links your affiliates can use to sell your products.
  • Change affiliate commissions or pricing for specific affiliates(requires two ClickBank accounts).
  • Automatically Creates PHP webpage that you simply upload, not a troublesome Perl script that you must install.
  • Automatically Creates an affiliates.htm page listing the links your affiliates can use to reach your individual products. You never have to manually put together an affiliate links page again.

Can be installed on current products without affecting your existing affiliates. You do not have to re-do or change anything. Your current affiliates will continue to be sent to your main sales page if you want them to continue going there. Your new affiliates will be able to go to specific product pages. You can install the new script on your existing products without causing your affiliates any problems. They will not even know there was a change but you will open up new options for them and yourself by giving them the chance to sell specific items with their own sales pages instead of being limited to your single sales page.

How It Works

The CB-MultiTool software is easy to use too! Simply run the program and you see this screen:

ClickBank MultiTool

The CB MultiTool has an idiot proof design that helps you avoid making a mistake. Enter your product links, click Generate Script, then upload the script to your website. ClickBank and the script will take care of everything else. Your affiliates will automatically go to to the correct webpage for each of your products. Download your copy now Click HERE.

Then enter your product pages along with an identifier code that you choose. You can also select affiliates to block or redirect if desired. Then click Generate Script. This will create a ClickBank.php page to forward your affiliates to the correct site and an affiliates.htm page which you can upload to tell affiliates what links to use for each of your products. You can use the built in FTP feature to upload the files to your website. No other changes are needed.

NOTE: This product does NOT include Master Resale Rights! Why? Because this is not a piece of crap that we have trouble giving away! You may have seen another old piece of software floating around that does some kind of archaic forwarding but this is different. This is a new program and a serious piece of software that is reliable and actually does what it is supposed to. It is not a 10 year old program that works sometimes. It does not use unreliable perl scripts which frequently give mystifying "Internal Server Error" errors. This program creates a php webpage for you that takes care of all of the forwarding and creates your affiliates.htm links page automatically.

You may have seen similar scripts but have you ever asked yourself, why do these other guys offer a ClickBank script, but they use some checkout system other than ClickBank to buy the script? Do they not trust their own script? The answer is no, they do not. They use 2checkout, 1shoppingcart, PayPal or some other service but they do not use their own script to sell their own product through ClickBank. Old Perl scripts must be uploaded just the right way and if it is not, your customers see the dreaded "Internal Server Error" message which means they cannot buy anything. The CB-MultiTool uses PHP webpages instead which are more reliable. Don't be fooled by older scripts that do not have these features or this kind of reliability.


What if you woke up one morning to find your worst
marketing nightmare came true?

Scenario: You launch a new product then you are flooded with complaints about spam because a crooked affiliate spammed thousands, nay, millions of people with their affiliate link which goes to your site. Now what do you do? Previously there was little you could do other than hope ClickBank did not disable your account completely before the whole thing died down and hope your ISP or hosting service did not shut down your account as well as all of your other domains.

Now with CB-MultiTool you can do something to protect yourself. CB-MultiTool gives you control over affiliates and lets you banish bad affiliates by taking away their commissions or sending their traffic to a different page. Send spam traffic to an apology page or any site you want. No more complaints because they never see your site. Redirect the spam affiliate traffic through your own affiliate link so you receive the commissions and not the spammer. You can use the same feature to send your Super Affiliates to special pages which offer bonuses or that are customized for those customers.



For those who take advantage of this offer today, will also includes these Bonuses(bonuses subject to change anytime)


ClickBank Video : Are you new to ClickBank? This video will show you how to start generating instant cash with ClickBank as an affiliate or seller.

  • Find out What ClickBank Is
  • How You Can Make Money With ClickBank
  • How To Find a Product To Sell
  • Preselling Secrets and how you can sell your product
  • How to Market Your ClickBank Products as a Seller

You can download and watch these WMV videos immediately(approx 55Megs of important information for any new ClickBank user).


ClickBank Download Protector: Protect your download page from being passed around or compromised. This is NOT a silly password system.

Putting an html page up with your valuable download product is inviting trouble. It can be passed to friends of a buyer or even picked up by search engine bots and made available to the world.

Passwords offer no protection. They can be shared just as easily as download links. Buyers can easily post your download url to message boards where it is picked up by the search engines. You must protect your download page or you are giving your product away!

This software will modify your HTML download page so that it only appears after a purchase is completed through ClickBank. If the buyer returns after the time has expired(you can set the amount of time they have to download or access the page), they will be blocked.

This Script is a Fully Automated 'Thank-You Page Script' which is much more powerful than a Static HTML Page. 

No programming knowledge is necessary to customize this software. Complete instructions are provided so you can customize, upload and setup your thank-you page script.

  • Stop thieves by verifying that your buyer is a legitimate paid customer forwarded from ClickBank after payment.
  • Display Order Details including the ClickBank Receipt # Thank-You page.
  • Collect the Name & Email address of your buyer.
  • Send You a Sales Report Instantly.
  • Send Your Customer a Thank-You message without delay.
  • Protect ALL your ClickBank products
  • And you can easily customize the final scripts with a text editor.

The software takes your info and generates custom scripts with the click of a mouse. Just upload to your website or modify then upload if you want a customized look.

All messages are fully customizable by using a text editor or HTML editor.

You put in your information, point it to your download page file, and it creates a new version. Upload that page and no one can access it unless they complete a ClickBank checkout.

Includes step by step instructions. Just run the program, tell it which html file is your download page, how long you want users to have access to the page, and the software does the rest. Anyone can follow these easy steps. If you have a html download page, there is no reason not to protect it.

This Tool will protect you from the worst dangers to your profit line:

# 1. Download Page Seekers: These guys are tenacious and will stop at nothing until they figure out your download URL! There are a series of tricks, and even special software that these small time hackers use to find out your download URL. I can show you how these tricks work and how you can protect yourself plus this kit includes download protection software if you want to take protection even farther.

#2. Customer Sharing: Your worst nightmare come true. You launch a new product and ten minutes later the first person to purchase posts the download URL on a message board. Even if they only pass it to their friends, it means lost money to pirates who will then feel no remorse about sending the stolen information to their friends. Even if you use a password to protect your site, it offers no protection to this threat. The first person can simply include the password along with the link. The download protector included with this package will put a stop to link sharing by making your webpage so that it can only be accessed by the legitimate customer who was sent from ClickBank.

#3. Search Engine Indexing: You may think that you never link to your download link so it will never be indexed. WRONG! What happens when someone posts your URL to a message board? That is right, it will be indexed and now available to the world and to a certain clique of pirates that I discuss in the eBook. The result is that your secret download page is in full public view! There are some extra tricks you can use to protect from this kind of danger.

The new ClickBank user is open to all of these threats and more. Previously, there seemed to be no way to stop these thieves until ClickBank Download Guard came along! Now I spend more of my time in marketing, promotion and list building activities because I do not have to worry about these thieves sharing download links or hackers accessing my pages any more.

You are not protecting your digital products...you are protecting your profits!   



Affiliate Link Cloaker: Help your affiliates by giving them a tool to cloak your links.

This tool is actually a webpage you can add to your website. Link to it from your affiliate page to offer affiliates the chance to create their own cloaked links. You can also use it to cloak your own links. You no longer have to reveal your affiliate links.

Just enter the web page address and click Encrypt. You and your affiliates receive an encrypted version of the link that they can use on their own website with no special software required.

I used the script on this page. When you click the Buy Now button below you can see how it works. The order link is completely hidden.



Here is what you will get in this package

  • CB-MultiTool Redirection Page Creation Wizard - Creates redirection page and your affiliates.htm information page.

  • ClickBank Introduction Video Set - See how to turn ClickBank into a cash machine for your website.

  • Download Page Protector - Generate custom download pages that only allow legitimate buyers to download your products.

  • Link Cloaker - Add this to your affiliate page so affiliates can cloak their links and avoid commission hijacking. You can use it to cloak your own affiliate links too.




You can download the whole CB-ToolBox package now and it will immediately put $50 in your pocket because it will save you from having to setup a new $50 ClickBank seller account. Plus every time you launch a new product, it will save you another $50, just add the new product to your existing account and update your forwarding information. No current affiliates have to change anything and all new affiliates can use the new link to sell your new product. Bam!!!!! You just saved yourself $500 on the next 10 products you launch plus saved yourself from stolen downloads that mean lost sales.


 Download your CB-ToolBox now for only $27

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If you are not satisfied with this ToolBox, just drop me a message, I will refund your money without further questions.



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